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How do your feel about going to the dentist? As our patient, you'll enjoy a whole new outlook on visiting the dentist. you'll look forward to an enjoyable time with friends (our team) who genuinely care about you and your health. We pay attention to the details that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and well cared for in our Moorhead dental office.

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Our vision is to provide comprehensive dentistry by using state of the art technology for our valued patients. Because we treat our patients as friends, we strive to educate them on oral health issues in a clean, relaxed environment.

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Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Moorhead MN

All of your family's oral health needs: checkups, cleanings, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry are covered in our Moorhead, MN office. Dr. Skatvold and our team love to listen. The more we understand your goals and experiences, the better we can serve you. At your initial visit, the dentist will spend time talking with you before your comprehensive exam. If you don't have periodontal disease, you'll also meet with our hygienist for a thorough dental cleaning. Once we've compiled data and reviewed your records, Dr. Skatvold will explain his findings and options for treatment. We'll partner with you to create and maintain a strong, healthy, sensational smile that will serve you well long into the future.


When a tooth becomes badly cracked, broken, worn down, or decayed, a crown is often needed to restore strength, structure, and function to a patient’s smile. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials, but one of the most common materials used is porcelain. All-porcelain crowns can be precisely shaded to match surrounding teeth, and because they’re durable, they can be cared for like a natural tooth.

A traditional crown restoration requires at least two visits to complete. During the first, the dentist takes an impression of the tooth needing to be restored and sends it off to a dental lab. In the second, the dentist checks to be sure the finished crown fits and then places it. In between these two appointments, the patient must wear a temporary crown. But because temporary crowns can fall out or crack, it’s not uncommon for patients to have to schedule an emergency appointment to have a new temporary crown placed.

It’s now possible, though, for patients of Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson to receive the restorative care they need in just a single visit to our Moorhead dental office. Using CEREC technology, Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson can actually mill all-porcelain crowns, in-lays, and on-lays in our office as patients wait comfortably nearby.

The process is simple. First, Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson will just need to scan the tooth he’ll be restoring. That image will then be fed to our CEREC machine, which will mill your custom-made restoration in about an hour. Then, once your crown has been milled, all that’s left for Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson to do is place it. When your crown is in place, your procedure is done and you can leave our Moorhead dental office with your smile fully restored.

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