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How do your feel about going to the dentist? As our patient, you'll enjoy a whole new outlook on visiting the dentist. you'll look forward to an enjoyable time with friends (our team) who genuinely care about you and your health. We pay attention to the details that will make you feel comfortable, confident, and well cared for in our Moorhead dental office.

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Our vision is to provide comprehensive dentistry by using state of the art technology for our valued patients. Because we treat our patients as friends, we strive to educate them on oral health issues in a clean, relaxed environment.

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Comprehensive Family Dentistry in Moorhead MN

All of your family's oral health needs: checkups, cleanings, restorative dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry are covered in our Moorhead, MN office. Dr. Skatvold and our team love to listen. The more we understand your goals and experiences, the better we can serve you. At your initial visit, the dentist will spend time talking with you before your comprehensive exam. If you don't have periodontal disease, you'll also meet with our hygienist for a thorough dental cleaning. Once we've compiled data and reviewed your records, Dr. Skatvold will explain his findings and options for treatment. We'll partner with you to create and maintain a strong, healthy, sensational smile that will serve you well long into the future.


Most people will develop tooth decay or experience structural tooth damage at some point in life. One report showed that 90% of American adults have had a cavity. In the past, dentists restored decayed teeth with amalgam fillings, which are dark and can look unattractive on front teeth. Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson places amalgams upon request, but he usually recommends tooth-colored composite resin fillings.

Composite fillings contain no metal or mercury, and they are custom-tinted to match a tooth’s coloring. Once placed, a composite filling virtually disappears, blending with the restored tooth. Fillings require only one visit for placement, so you’ll be in and out of our office – and back on track with your day – quickly. However, left untreated, a small cavity can grow to cause significant damage, which may necessitate a crown or root canal to repair. Following through with treatment now can save you from pain and expense in the future.

If dark amalgam fillings detract from your beautiful smile, ask Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson about replacing the amalgams with composites. Over time, fillings wear out and leak, so you may need new fillings anyway. Tooth-colored composite resin fillings will give you an all-white, natural-looking smile you’ll love to show off to the world.

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